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Water stains on your ceiling? High water bills? These are just some of the signs it might be time to have your home repiped, particularly if you live in an older construction with original piping still in place.

A&B Plumbing LLC provides full-service repiping solutions in the Hickory, NC area. We will take the time to assess your needs, present you with repiping options, and make sure the job is carried out to meet the highest standards in safety and quality.

Give us a call today for same-day or next-day repiping in Hickory, NC. We are committed to your peace of mind and will work closely with you to discuss your needs and deliver the quality solutions you deserve.

Signs It’s Time to Contact Your Hickory, NC Repiping Professionals

Damaged water supply lines can cause the following problems:

  • Water stains or noticeable water damage on your ceiling or walls

  • Water meter running nonstop

  • Inexplicably high water bills

  • Discolored water

  • Continuous sounds of water running through pipes

If you suspect a leak in your water supply line, contact our experts for immediate service. We will identify and confirm the problem and help you determine if repiping is the best solution for your home in Hickory, NC.

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Why is Repiping Recommended for Older Homes in Hickory, NC?

Even if you are not experiencing plumbing problems or noticing signs of leaks, repiping is still recommended for older homes that have original supply lines installed. Older homes that were constructed before the 1960s will often have outdated pipes that were made from galvanized steel, polybutylene, or lead–all of which are subject to corrosion and deterioration over time. So if your home is over 50 years old, it’s a good idea to discuss repiping with a trusted Hickory, NC plumbing professional and learn more about the pipe replacement process.

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At A&B Plumbing LLC we are committed to helping homeowners achieve plumbing peace of mind through reliable solutions, fast turnaround times, and integrity with every job. Whether you are in need of repiping or another plumbing service, you can rely on our experts for the quality results you deserve. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of skilled and highly trained Hickory, NC plumbers to get the job done right the first time.

Leave your supply line replacement needs to our trusted experts. Contact us today to schedule same-day or next-day repiping solutions in the Hickory, NC area.

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